Music profs to perform and teach at 2012 Lutheran Summer Music Academy

Posted February 22, 2012

Two faculty members from ACU's Department of Music will teach and perform at the 31st annual Lutheran Summer Music Academy & Festival (LSM), hosted by the Lutheran Music Program. Dr. Michael Scarbrough, professor of voice, and Cheryl Lemmons, piano accompanist, have both served on LSM's staff for several years.

The 31st annual LSM program will take place June 24 - July 22 at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. For four weeks, 150 high school students from around the U.S. will be instructed by 34 faculty artists. The students may choose to participate in band ensemble, orchestra and choir ensemble, or a keyboard and organ program.

This is Scarbrough's fifth year to serve on the LSM staff. He will be a vocal coach for individuals and ensembles, perform in solo recitals and sing for worship services. Scarbrough has taught at ACU since 1982 as a studio instructor and choir director. He has received numerous honors for his musical instruction and dissertations.

"I always look forward to LSM and being a part of this amazing faculty," Scarbrough says. "The teachers and musicians are incredible performers, but they challenge young musicians to do more than simply rest on their talent. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence and to meet standards they may have thought were unattainable. And the students rise to those challenges, making LSM a musical experience they won't soon forget."

Cheryl Lemmons will serve on the LSM staff for the tenth time this summer. She will supervise the program's new piano internship, a competitive opportunity offered to one undergraduate college student. She also will play in recitals and worship services, and provide accompaniment for students and faculty.

"It's like being a kid and getting to go to camp again," Lemmons says of LSM. "The day-to-day responsibilities of home are set aside for a while, and I get to focus on improving as a musician and growing in my relationship with God. Because of the growth I've experienced through LSM, I have become a better pianist and accompanist, and am able to give more to my students and colleagues here at ACU."

Learn more about ACU's Department of Music, or visit the LSM website to learn more about the program.