Criminal forensic series hosted on campus

Posted January 30, 2012

This spring, the Department of Sociology and Family Studies at ACU is hosting a series of prominent guest lecturers. The series will begin with guest lecturer Detective Sergeant Lynn Beard of the Abilene Police Department on February 7 and continue with six additional lectures through March and April. Information on the seven lectures can be found below.

Detective Sgt. Lynn Beard on February 7

Lynn Beard of the Abilene Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division will speak about crime scene investigation. His talk will focus on the collection and preservation of evidence at a scene.

Lt. Keith Shackelford on February 16th

Shackelford of the Abilene Police Department will speak on crime scene reconstruction.

Kerri Helm, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, on February 21

Kerri Helm will discuss her role as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, or S.A.N.E. She will discuss rape kit analysis, the collection and preservation of rape evidence, and interviewing child and adult victims.

Forensic Psychologist Dr. Marc Orner on February 28

Dr. Orner will discuss how to examine criminal defendants for competence, insanity, and diminished mental capacity as trial evidence.

TBA on March 8

A forensic expert will speak on fingerprint analysis.

Forensic Ballistic Expert Stephanie Rollins on April 3 and 5

Rollins is a forensic expert with her M.S. in Ballistic Science from Sam Houston State University. This two-day lecture will cover tool markings, primer residue, gunpowder patters, and all things "ballistic."

Lt. John Brunett on April 17 and 19 

Brunett of the Abilene Fire Department will lead a two-day intensive lecture. It will include arson investigation, such as combustion, heat transfer, and signs of accelerate-initiated fire.

The series is the second to be held at ACU. Coverage of the first series, occurring last fall, can be found here.

Kelly Knight, criminal justice instructor, has organized both lecture series. "I am pleased to bring to campus such expert talent from the forensic scientists working criminal cases on the front lines," she says. "They are donating their time and talent to enrich the education of our students."

All lectures will be held during Dr. Knight's class from 12 to 1:20 p.m. in the Foster Science Building, room 417. All students are welcome to attend the lectures.