Professor of Teacher Education creates Apple application

Posted January 25, 2012

Mitzi Adams, instructor in ACU's Department of Teacher Education, has worked with three of her students to build a counting application for Apple devices. Using extensive research and her experience as an educator, Adams has created Count On It, an application that reinforces math skills.

Count On It is the result of a 13 month project by Adams, Clement Ho ('13), Lyndon Willoughby ('12), and Sandra Amstutz ('11). Adams says her 24 years of preschool and elementary-level teaching experience gave her an understanding of how children learn. Co-designer Ho worked on the initial graphics for the project. Willoughby was hired as an additional graphic designer, and videographer Amstutz captured instructional footage for the application. "Certainly much of the credit goes to my students," says Adams. "Each of them used their talents to add polish to the project."

Count On It is made up of four math functions: The Abacus, Add it Up, Quick Add, and a quiz function. These help increase students' recall of numbers through activities and drills. The app may be used by children, parents and educators.

The application was officially approved by Apple, and Adams is pleased with the result. "This is an exciting and surprising time for me," she says. When asked what makes Count On It unique, Adams says the activities challenge students to improve their number fluency in ways other math applications have not -- through use of a visual tool.

To view the Count On It application's website, visit here.