ACU faculty member co-authors new book

Posted November 28, 2011

Jason Morris, assistant professor of higher education at ACU, is co-author of a book recently published by Peterson's, a global leader in educational resources, titled Peterson's Applying Successfully to Top U.S. Universities (Chinese Student Version).

"As an author and educator, I'm excited to help international students who decide to pursue a college education here in the U.S.," says Morris who trains master's level students at ACU to be administrative leaders in higher education settings. He also directs the McNair Scholars Program, a federal program designed to prepare undergraduates for graduate research opportunities.

This new version of Applying Successfully to Top U.S. Universities is designed to provide valuable information on prestigious universities in the United States along with helpful tips on applying, aiding Chinese students in their search for the right school and guiding them through the application process.

"One reason I'm so passionate about this book project is that on a basic level it helps promote international education, which in turn gives students a global perspective," Morris said. "It lets them exchange ideas and form relationships with others beyond their borders, and that leads to greater cultural understanding. Considering the current state of the world and the way it's changing, I think it is vitally important for Chinese students to have a firsthand experience in our culture, as well as for U.S students to experience China."

The other two co-authors of the guide are Steven Gist and Rong He. Gist holds a master's degree in international education and has done extensive research on the process families go through when choosing a university outside their home country. Mr. He graduated from ACU with a master's degree in communication and has successfully coached many Chinese students in pursuing successful academic experiences at prestigious American universities.