Alum produces new Zambia documentary

Posted September 29, 2011

After spending a full month in Zambia, Jessalyn Massingill set out on the task of turning hundreds of hours of raw footage into a 35 minute film that documents some of the positive impact that Zambia Mission has had on the country.

Massingil, a former ACU student from Abilene, has spent 14 of her last 15 summers in Zambia with Zambia Mission, an organization co-directed by her father KB. Her film "Nawona: The Way You See" recently premiered at Abilene's Paramount theater to a crowd of nearly 600.

"It has been a year and a half process," said Massingill, "and I knew before hand that I didn't want to make a regular documentary."

"A lot of the film is about vision," said Massingill of the story. Referring to both the literal and abstract meaning, the film simultaneously follows a Zambian woman gaining eyesight through cataract surgery and the opening of a local radio station that brought unimaginable communication to the area. Both of these stories could not have been possible without work from Zambia Mission.

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