U.S. ambassador to Zambia honors alumni

Posted September 27, 2011

Five ACU alumni were honored last month by the U.S. ambassador to Zambia. The alumni are part of a team from Mumena Christian Outreach Center, a ministry focused on church-planting and holistic outreach.

The team serves the Kaonde tribe in Zambia through a range of diverse projects: building water wells from bicycle parts and irrigation systems to sustain crops in the dry season, planting churches, and evangelism. They hope their work recognizes that "the poor are whole living people, inseparably body, mind, and soul," writes team member Sondra Davis in a recent blog entry.

"Look what great things can happen when a people of God follow his call to serve others," says Chief Mumena, a local Kaonde leader.

Alumnus Jeremy Davis ('08) is using his ACU education in animal sciences to serve the Kaonde tribe in innovative ways. He is teaching the Zambians to breed poultry, goats and pigs so they can provide for their families. He is also providing instruction on the effective irrigation of crops. Other team members include Whitney Mann Davis ('08), who is married to Jeremy, and three other alumni -- Sondra Boyd Davis ('88), Erin Davis ('10) and Jason Davis ('09).

Current student Travis Green ('13) joined the team this summer through ACU's World Wide Witness program. "As our team takes the Good News to these people, we're witnessing transformation," says Green. "People who had struggled with alcoholism and non-Christian spiritual practices are becoming church leaders respected members of the community -- people who can be counted on by their village neighbors."

Read the Christian Chronicle’s story on the team here or visit the Mumena Ministries website to learn more.