Prof Maxwell shows painter's Europe experience

Posted September 15, 2011

This Saturday, the Abilene community has a rare opportunity to escape into the beauty of pastoral Europe. Step into ACU's Shore Art Gallery, and you will be transported to the ruins of a great castle, a village built on the cliffs by the sea, or the Italian countryside.

The gallery will be showing the work of Jack Maxwell, professor in ACU's Department of Art & Design. The show, "Summers Abroad," features paintings from Maxwell’s time on faculty renewal leave in 2010-11.

"When I first had the opportunity to teach our majors in ACU's Study Abroad Program, painting outdoors and on-site in the plein-air tradition was a brand new experience for me as an artist," says Maxwell. "It was an experience that changed not only how I make art today, but how I see the world around me. It taught me to be sensitive to the continual shifting of light, shadow and especially color over the time one sits planted in one spot before an awesome castle, a quaint seaside village, or a Tuscan vista."

The opening reception for "Summers Abroad" will be Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Shore Art Gallery.

"Plein-air painting also helped me to burn an indelible impression of what I was painting in my memory," says Maxwell. "This is a strange phenomenon and I believe an unexpected gift for our students that paint with us on these trips—they remember to a degree that casual observers and visitors simply cannot. They remember the feel of the grass beneath them, the breeze on their skin, the smell of the flowers, the sound of buzzing insects or of water flowing in a shallow brook, and so much more. What more could someone ask for?"

Come experience Europe through Jack Maxwell's eyes at "Summers Abroad," which will run from Sept.17 - Oct. 14. Learn more about the Study Abroad art experience on the art and design blog.