Etsy Creative Director Hunt speaks to art students

Posted September 09, 2011

While many were relaxing this Labor Day, students in ACU's Department of Art and Design were learning about how they could turn their eye for patterns into career success.'s design director Randy Hunt spoke to a room full of students and other listeners about learning to see patterns, extracting them from the whole, and putting them to use in novel ways to solve problems. 

Hunt says he uses those concepts on a daily basis as a designer for Etsy, a popular sales site that gives those with artistic flair a place to sell their creations and the vintage wares they've accumulated. In his talk in ACU's Shore Art Gallery, he shared insights about his professional experiences.

"The world is moving quickly," Hunt says, which means that you must learn to make changes quickly. "You want to connect the dots and make things easier."  Read more about the wisdom he imparted to ACU students here.