Alum pulls off juggling act as CBS Sports producer

Posted August 01, 2011

Millions of TV viewers turned in this past weekend to watch the 2011 Greenbrier Classic on CBS.  Most didn't give a thought to what it takes to broadcast the event to the rest of the world.

"Golf is the hardest sport to do on television," said Lance Barrow, coordinating producer with CBS Sports.  Barrow, 56, started at CBS in 1975 while he was still a junior at Abilene Christian University in his home state of Texas.

He started as an intern under legendary sports broadcaster Pat Summerall and worked his way up the ladder to become coordinating producer for golf and lead game producer for the NFL on CBS.

And it's golf that's always been the big challenge.

That's because there's no one ball for the camera to follow the whole time, nobody's wearing numbers on his back for identification, and the action - on multiple fields - never stops.

Once the production team kicked off live coverage on the Golf Channel at 2:30 p.m Thursday, activity in the main broadcast truck moved to a near-frenzy.

"You're always thinking," Barrow said. "You're doing live television - you've got split seconds to decide what to do. You can't stop and decide, 'Oh, let's go back and do that again.' It's live television; there's no edit button."

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Image by Craig Cunningham, Charleston Daily Mail.