Students learn on site in NYC Urban Missions class

Posted June 01, 2011

A professor and group of students from ACU's Graduate School of Theology have spent the past week in New York City as part of their intensive Urban Missions class. The group has done inner-city ministry as they worked and learned in the Refugee House, a hospitality house in the Bronx.

Dr. Stephen Johnson, ACU's director of contextual education, believes gaining an urban perspective on missions is vital to keeping the church relevant in the 21st century.

On the Graduate School of Theology blog, he writes, "Urban worldviews and lifestyles touch virtually every corner of our society. Urbanism – both as a place and as a worldview – matters to the whole church, from the suburb to the central city."

Through their work at the Refugee House, the students have engaged in theological and missional discussions on subjects varying from "youth culture to community development to church planting to congregational ministry," according to the blog.

The class was taught by Dr. Jared Looney, an ACU alumnus, adjunct professor and member of Bronx Fellowship, a network of Christian community house churches in New York City.

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