Theology professor studies at the Vatican

Posted May 16, 2011

If you had a chance to study your favorite subject at the Vatican Library, would you take it? Jeff Childers, professor in ACU's Graduate School of Theology, answers emphatically yes.

After the reopening of the Bibilotheca Apostolica Vaticana in September 2010, Childers received the final "go ahead" to research some of the world's greatest ancient collections of Christian texts. Childers is currently studying the Syriac manuscripts of Chrysostom.

"Chrysostom celebrates the beauty of scripture and administers its pastoral benefits to his audience – including one late-comer, a 21st-century researcher from the Graduate School of Theology at Abilene Christian University," says Childers in his blog. "The restored BAV is a lovely place to work, providing a marvelous environment in which to meditate on the eloquent words of the Golden Mouth as he explicates scripture."

Childers' ultimate goal in undertaking this project is to make these ancient texts available to a wider readership. To do that, he has had to visit many libraries, pore over manuscripts, and collect the texts.

"The support of ACU and the Loeb Classical Foundation has provided me the time and financial resources I need to make these pilgrimages," says Childers. "Soon I hope to be able to expand Chysostom’s hearing by making available these remarkable texts in their Syriac version."

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