Digital Marketing class presents ideas to Roots VP

Posted April 18, 2011

Students in ACU's Digital Marketing class have spent this semester gaining hands-on experience and skills, collaborating with experts in the field of e-commerce. The students will present web marketing strategy ideas to James Connell, vice president of e-commerce and marketing for Roots Canada, when he arrives on campus Monday, April 18.

The class, taught by PFSweb president Mike Willoughby and Mike Winegeart, assistant professor of international business, has had students brainstorm and develop U.S. marketing strategies for Roots, a Canadian apparel company. All semester, they have exchanged ideas with experts from PFSweb, an e-commerce solutions provider for companies such as Lego, Volcom, The Home Depot, Sephora and Sunglass Hut.

The students' efforts over the course of the semester will culminate in their final presentations to Connell.

Connell oversees e-commerce strategy and operations for the website - the largest single distribution point for the company that ships to more than 40 countries around the world. He also improves marketing at Roots, with a focus on electronic consumer communications, Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems and applying new technologies to better serve Roots' customers online and in stores.

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