Physics student honored as Outstanding Teaching Assistant

Posted April 15, 2011

Each year, the American Association of Physics Teachers recognizes hundreds of outstanding teaching assistants and grants them a one-year gift membership. ACU senior Stacie McConnell took her place in this distinguished group when she received her certificate of achievement and gift membership to the AAPT at an awards ceremony this month.

McConnell's list of academic achievements is impressive. She is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics national honor society, and is on the Dean's Honor Roll. She will present her research at several conferences this year, including the International Society for Teacher Education Conference in June 2011.

Her research looks at the development of National Education Technology Standards for Students skills in a classroom with mobile technology. She has developed a curriculum based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It is a math-based physics course, with topics including electronics, waves, projectile motion, forces, and conservation of energy and momentum. McConnell's research has focused on the role technology plays in students' learning – specifically how it helps them develop innovation, communication and collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

She is eager to spread her love of physics. In February, she helped organize a Science Road Show in Abilene with ACU physics professor Dr. Jess Dowdy. McConnell currently works as a physics teacher at Abilene Christian High School.

Learn more about the American Association of Physics Teachers, the world leader in promoting physics education at all levels, on the AAPT website.