QR codes on campus connect students instantly

Posted April 07, 2011

Over the past month, QR codes have begun appearing across the ACU campus, from the library entrance to the Team 55 Helpdesk. The black-and-white squares, which look like grainy, oversized barcodes, are multiplying each week.

A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a kind of souped-up barcode, but instead of providing a product's price, it allows users to connect instantly with information resources. ACU has developed one of the fastest QR readers available for mobile devices, and provided the iPhone and iPod Touch applications to scan QR codes to students and employees at no charge

"This app allows you to connect quickly to ACU's digital resources. Just scan these codes with your device camera, and make quick connections to videos, interactive online content, and other resources," said Joshua Tooley, ACU Helpdesk manager.

Students who have older iPod Touches (the version without a camera) don't have to worry about being left out, because alongside each QR code displayed across campus, there is a short URL, which connects users to the same information as the QR code.

To learn more about QR codes on the ACU campus, or to create your own code, visit http://go.acu.edu.