2011 Summit says "Enough" to distractions

Posted April 01, 2011

For Christians living in an ever-busier world, it's time to say, "Enough."

ACU's 2011 Summit will bring together Christians from across the nation to be instructed in and challenged by scripture. This year's theme, "Enough," comes from the writings of Old Testament prophet Isaiah. 

"We're inviting God to speak 'Enough' into our lives," says Dr. Brady Bryce, ACU's director of Ministry Events. "This theme demands that we re-examine precisely what we have believed is enough and consider a new alternative. Isaiah's words are like a bucket of ice water dumped on our slumbering society."

Seven Theme speakers will focus on different aspects of Isaiah's message. Featured guest speakers for the event will include Sharon Cohn Wu, senior vice president of Justice Operations for International Justice Mission; Max Lucado, best-selling author and preacher; Rachel Held Evans, award-winning author, speaker and blogger; Randy Frazee, senior minister at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas; and Dr. Walt Mueller, founder and president of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Critically acclaimed artist Mindy Smith will also perform songs from her newest album, Stupid Love.

"We are not acting as we should to our brothers and sisters. We use an external religion to justify hearts that are cold toward God and the world," says Bryce. "We are very busy and occupied. We have impressive religious resumes, that hide hearts that do evil and have not leaned to do good to all people. 'Enough!' God screams into our deaf ears."

The sometimes-difficult sentiments of Isaiah will be discussed more deeply in smaller "Coffee House" events led by the same distinguished guests. These conversations will delve more deeply into how we can apply concepts from Isaiah to everyday Christian life.

"When Christians have heard these words in the past, they've been faced with one of two options. They can deny the existence of a God who did not come through on his promises, or than can re-enter relationship with a very different God from the one they've imagined - a God who not only loves them, but who challenges them and invites them into a relationship that demands something of them," says Bryce.

Learn more about 2011 Summit on ACU's website.