Student fights to end slavery in Nepal

Posted March 24, 2011

It's a sickening thought: In one small corner of Indian city of Bombay, an estimated 15,000 Nepalese women are trapped in the world of sexual slavery. ACU student Brittany Partridge, co-founder of the Red Thread Movement, is currently in India visiting some of the brothels where Nepalese girls are trafficked.

A few weeks ago, CNN launched the CNN Freedom Project, dedicated to "ending modern-day slavery." They invited viewers to submit photos or brief videos indicating their personal commitments to ending slavery. Brittany uploaded her own brief statement of commitment, now viewable on CNN's iReport site.

Along with the video, Brittany writes, "We are taking a stand to end slavery by wearing Red Thread bracelets, made by girls rescued from trafficking. The Red Thread Movement is a student initiative to combat the trafficking and sexual slavery of Nepalese women and girls. In one Red Light District in Bombay, there are 15,000 - 20,000 Nepalese victims in bondage to forced prostitution."

Along with Brittany's video, CNN states on its site: "Those who participate will be part of future Freedom Project challenges. Stand up. Be heard. Take a stand to end human slavery."

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