Sigma Pi Sigma honors students, faculty for excellence

Posted March 11, 2011

The ACU chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics national honor society, held its annual banquet last Thursday. At the banquet, three students and one faculty member were inducted, and the department announced the winner a special award for outstanding service.

Stacie McConnell, Daniel Pamplin, and Nathan Hurley were inducted into the prestigious society. Students elected into membership must be premier scholars and have outstanding achievements in physics.

Lois Marie Reed, who has been the administrative assistant for the Department of Physics for more than 20 years, was also inducted and was awarded the Sigma Pi Sigma Outstanding Service Award.

The award reads, "As 'grandmother' of students, beloved friend of the faculty, and department administrator since 1987, no person has been more important to the Physics Department and Sigma Pi Sigma at Abilene Christian University than Lois Marie. We are extremely grateful for all that she does, and we love her very much."

Dr. Scott Acton spoke at the banquet. In his research involving adaptive optics, Acton discovered a new telescope design, now used in the world’s best research telescopes to take more precise images of distant stars and galaxies.

"Dr. Acton is an ACU physics alum who is very successful in his field and works on exciting cutting edge research," said Dr. Tim Head, faculty sponsor of Sigma Pi Sigma. "His talk encouraged students to do great things."