Instructor Dillman certified as yoga expert

Posted March 08, 2011

From downward dog to mountain pose, Laura Dillman, instructor of exercise science at Abilene Christian University, loves to introduce students to the world of yoga. She'll have even more opportunities now, since she recently earned her Registered Yoga Training certification.

"I have always wanted to teach yoga," Dillman says. "Yoga is such an extensive system, and I knew I needed as much training as I could get to ensure that my students were properly trained and safe."

In order to receive her certification, Dillman spent 200 hours training, as well as attending and evaluating classes taught by other Registered Yoga Training professors.

"It is a physical practice, but the benefits go way beyond the physical," Dillman says. "It helps your focus, grants you more energy, calms you, puts you in the present. It can be a spiritual experience. In the world in which we live right now, we need yoga."

Dillman looks forward to teaching an additional yoga class for students as the Department of Exercise Science and Health enhances its program. This semester, Dillman is teaching two sections of yoga to faculty, staff, students and community members. She also teaches classes at ACU’s downtown Cockerell Art Gallery.

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