COBA integrates career prep into business education

Posted March 02, 2011

For students graduating in this economy, nothing is more valuable than landing a job in their chosen field straight out of college. That's the goal for students in ACU's College of Business Administration, and there's a plan in place to make it happen.

Three core business classes required for all business students will integrate career preparation into higher education.

The first class, Introduction to Business, allows students to explore career possibilities through self assessments, O*NET OnLine evaluations and other resources available through the ACU Career Center.

Organizational Behavior is a course that prepares students for upcoming career opportunities, teaching them to write a resume, draft a cover letter, and make a good impression at a job interview. Finally, the senior capstone course for business majors gives students the basic tools for jump-starting their careers. They learn how to conduct a successful job search and take part in mock interviews.

"One advantage of this program is that an understanding of the basics of career preparation and job search are built into classroom instruction," says Tim Johnston, assistant dean of COBA. "But we're also tying these classroom assignments into the advising process, so students with different career interests – even in the same major – are prepared with different coursework, internships and experiences."

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