The Optimist ranked among top campus newspapers in the nation

Posted February 15, 2011

Associate Collegiate Press, a branch of the National Scholastic Press Association, has ranked ACU's student-run campus newspaper The Optimist at the "All-American" achievement level, which is the highest place in the ACP's categories of college and university publications across the nation.

"As editor-in-chief, I was incredibly proud of our news product. But when organizations like ACP and SPJ affirm that, it's really encouraging," says Colter Hettich, former Optimist editor. "The year had its challenges, not the least of those being the iPad app, but our staff was relentless in covering the issues that affect ACU students. It was real-world experience in an encouraging and professional environment."

Publications were ranked by content, writing editing, layout design, graphics and leadership. The team behind ACU's student newspaper is pleased to know its members are continuing the excellence The Optimist has always maintained.

"Since 1975, The Optimist has received the All-American ranking each year," says Dr. Kenneth Pybus, assistant professor of journalism and advisor of the campus publication. "Our two main purposes are to inform the student body about what’s happening around campus and to help students develop their journalism skills. It's wonderful to be acknowledged for doing a fine job."

ACU's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has been operating The Optimist since 1912. The newspaper is distributed twice weekly to ACU students, staff and faculty. Check out The Optimist online at