Leadership Summit boasts record attendance

Posted February 07, 2011

Abilene Christian University's annual Leadership Summit, held in Buena Vista, Colo., hosted a record number of participants this year. A total of 141 students were present, with 121 from ACU and 20 from Lubbock Christian University.

Leadership Summit is a unique experience where students get the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals who are also Christian leaders in the field of business.

The program was created and is led by ACU's Dr. Rick Lytle, dean of ACU's College of Business Administration and professor of marketing; Tim Johnston, assistant dean of COBA; and Michael Winegeart, assistant professor of marketing and director of COBA's global programs. Leadership Summit began more than 13 years ago, and the program has been going strong ever since.

"Society is screaming for leaders. Part of our mission is to equip students for service and leadership throughout the world, but we didn't have a class that addressed that specifically," says Winegeart. "We wanted to do something different and fun to fill that need."

Whitney Puckett, senior Ad/PR major from Florida, says Leadership Summit was a life-changing experience.

"When you go to Leadership Summit, you leave your old self at the mountain and come back with a new outlook on God's purpose for your life," says Puckett. "I learned that being a leader in any field should be based on the mission that God calls you to in life, whether you are a CEO of a large company or a student exploring the world through missions."

For more information about Leadership Summit, visit COBA's website.