New COBA course makes today's entrepreneurs tomorrow's charitable donors

Posted February 07, 2011

Most business schools teach students how to make money. How many teach them how to give that money away?

ACU's College of Business Administration is training students to put their future wealth back into charitable causes. Jim Porter, COBA executive in residence, and Dr. Phil Schubert, ACU president, teach "Case Studies in Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy." The class is a new addition this semester.

The curriculum gives students the problem-solving skills necessary to make a young company successful. It is also designed with the long-term goal of creating a wealthy generation of Christians focused on philanthropy.

"As an overarching goal, there is a need for more successful start-up businesses by Christian men and women," says Porter. "We'd like to build a legacy of wealthy donors that can help meet the needs of great causes."

The class shows students what it's like to be a key executive in a real company and forces them to confront complex issues, debate solutions and present plans to resolve problems. The course's special focus is on the quest for wealth and how to manage it for good works in order to help those in need.