Faculty and staff join students for chapel

Posted January 24, 2011

Since 1906, daily Chapel has been one of ACU's unique and identifying Christian traditions. Attendance has always been mandatory for students. Now president Phil Schubert is directing faculty and staff to close their offices every Monday morning at 11 a.m. so they can join in a campus-wide period of praise.

"We believe there is significant value in our gathering as community as we begin each work week," says Schubert. "We are convinced that a time of worship together will glorify our Creator while encouraging each of us and our students on our Christian journeys."

A letter sent by Schubert to faculty and staff earlier this month explains that for more than a century, daily chapel has been a part of campus life at the university – a time that offers "the opportunity for students, faculty and staff to experience Christian community and spiritual transformation through worship, prayer, the reading of God's Word, and spiritually-focused teaching."

Dr. Jean-Noel Thompson, vice president for student life and dean of students, says the new chapel plan takes the university back to its spiritual roots and lets students know that ACU's faculty and staff care about them spiritually.

"It's a half hour or so once a week when everyone can come together to listen to God's word, to sing and pray together," he adds.

This morning's chapel (Monday, Jan. 24) marks the first time faculty, staff and students have worshipped together since the new policy took effect. Please check out this video.