Professor’s book guides students toward success

Posted December 03, 2010

Students today face an uphill battle when it comes to finding the best scholarships, internships and experience-based programs. What can students do to stand out from the crowd? A new book co-authored by Dr. Jason Morris aims to answer that question.

The Best Scholarships for the Best StudentsThe book, The Best Scholarships for the Best Students, provides strategies for students to create a track record of excellence and leverage that into prestigious, life-changing opportunities for their future.

“We wrote the book for ambitious, hard-working students who want to compete on the global stage,” says Morris, assistant professor of higher education and program director at Abilene Christian University. “It is designed to be of maximum benefit for students who want to position themselves for the most elite and exclusive scholarships, honors, internships and other experiential programs.”

The book focuses on several strategies designed to push students toward success, including:

  • Identifying opportunities that fit a particular student 
  • Relationships with professors and supervisors
  • Taking advantage of the university’s Honors College
  • Studying abroad
  • Undergraduate research
  • Leadership skills development

Co-authors include Donald Asher, an internationally acclaimed author of 11 books and speaker specializing in careers and higher education, and Nichole Fazio-Veigel, an advisor to students in Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford’s programs.

Morris is a two-time Fulbright grantee. At ACU, he trains master’s level students to be administrative leaders in higher education settings. He also serves as the director of the McNair Scholars Program, a federal program designed to prepare undergraduates for graduate research opportunities. His articles have appeared in several national academic journals, and he is a member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors.

The book is published by Peterson's, a global leader in educational resources. For more information about The Best Scholarships for the Best Students and where it can be purchased, visit


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Transcript of quotes from Dr. Jason Morris:

     "I think the book really provides a comprehensive guidance into producing the best application possible. We hit on several important facets of the application process, from writing, to interviewing, to getting strong letters of recommendation, and those elements will launch someone who reads our book ahead of the others."

     "Students will learn in our book that they need to distinguish themselves from the rest. They need to write a compelling essay that stands out from the others, and our book shows you how to do that."

     "If you’re applying for one of these major competitive awards, I think student need to really think about three things. They need to think about their writing, what they’re turning in and how well it is written. They need to think about leadership opportunities they’ve partaken in and they need to build a strong record of leadership on their campus. But they also need to think about service. They need to think about serving others and showing a record of compassion for the communities they live in."

     "Part of our job as educators is to really look for students that possess that talent, that drive and desire to make a difference in the world. And that’s what this book encourages students to do."

     "There’s a world of opportunities out there for students if they just look, and investigate, and research, and one of the things our book talks about is finding a good fit between your own background and experiences and the awards and opportunities that are out there."

     "The one thing that I really want to emphasize with this book is that winning is great, and it’s the icing on the cake, but the process itself in applying can be transformational."