Physics department gains membership in PTEC

Posted November 22, 2010

ACU’s Department of Physics is now a member of the Physics Teacher Education Coalition, an outreach arm of the physics community through its professional organizations.  

“There is a nationwide shortage of qualified high school physics teachers,” says Dr. Rusty Towell, chair of the Department of Physics. “Being a part of this program allows ACU and the Department of Physics to better prepare future science teachers to meet this national need.”

According to its website, PTEC is a network of more than 175 institutions committed to improving the education of future physics and physical science teachers.

The goals of the network are to:

  • Build a network of institutions engaged in reforming physics teacher education
  • Promote and disseminate successful programs, methods and ideas
  • Advocate nationally for improving science teacher education

Membership is available to colleges, universities, research labs and nonprofits committed to improving secondary and elementary physics and physical science teacher preparation.

"Joining PTEC provides more opportunities for ACU students and faculty to become involved in physics education on a local, regional and national level,” says Dr. Jess Dowdy, associate professor of physics and assistant chair of the department. “Membership also aligns ACU as a leader in the physics education community."

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