Honors College faculty at national conference

Posted October 29, 2010

The ACU Honors College holds its students to high levels of achievement, integrity and social engagement. The same goes for its faculty. In maintaining this standard, several faculty members from the ACU Honors College attended the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Kansas City, Mo., with two presenting on ACU’s honors education.

NCHC“This conference allows our faculty to become aware of best and innovative practices and helps us improve our program by revising and implementing those ideas that we think would work best for the ACU campus,” says Dr. Greg Straughn, dean of ACU’s Honors College. “Presenting at the conference allows the nation to become aware of what we are doing to shape honors education in innovative and exceptional ways.”

Straughn, along with Drs. Joe Stephenson, Vic McCracken, Kristina Campos and honors advisor Stephanie Smith, attended the conference.

McCracken and Campos presented on "Going General: The Future of Honors Education in an Interdisciplinary University." They discussed the challenges to creating a unique honors education experience at a university in which honors education has become a model for general education. 

This presenters discussed ACU’s new Core Curriculum, which was piloted in the Honors College before it was rolled into the general undergraduate education, says Straughn.

The National Collegiate Honors Council is the major organization for honors programs and honors colleges in the United States, with its annual conference bringing all of these programs and colleges together.

For more information about ACU’s Honors College, visit www.acu.edu/honors.