High school students geocaching across campus

Posted October 26, 2010

Abilene high school students are learning a new skill courtesy of Abilene Christian University. Geocaching, a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure, is getting a special twist on ACU's campus this week, with students searching for parts of a story instead of treasure.

"We are thrilled to be hosting an event like this on ACU's campus," says Jennifer Rasco, ACU admissions counselor. "It's a great opportunity for us to open our campus and welcome students, showing them the incredible opportunities and experiences as a student at ACU."

High school freshmen and sophomores from the Abilene Independent School District's Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math & Science will take part in two geocaching events Thursday, Oct. 28. Freshmen will start at 9:30 am and sophomores at 2:30 pm. Freshmen and sophomores will each have 30 teams of two or three students.

Each team will be given a Global Positioning System loaded with the coordinates of 10 landmarks across the ACU campus. Beginning at the Hunter Welcome Center, teams will travel to each destination and find hidden geocaches, which are small containers.

Prior to the event, the teams will create a character to accompany them on their journey. Clues about the location of the students at each stop will be in the hidden geocaches, and the teams will take a picture of their character at the landmark, proving they have solved the clue.

Along with the clues in the hidden geocaches, there will be literary elements, such as setting, character and sensory information. These elements must be used by the teams in a story they will write after the event concludes.

When not geocaching, students will tour the ACU campus, and all students will have lunch in the World Famous Bean.

In traditional geocaching, an individual, using GPS coordinates, finds a hidden geocache, which can contain any small item someone wants to leave. The finder then replaces the item with something of equal or greater value.