Technology team is Tweeting the Bible

Posted October 22, 2010

It’s not every day that social networking and Christianity come together meaningfully – or is it?

140BibleEvery day since April 14, three members of the ACU Technology support team have been Tweeting the Bible, one chapter per day, using the popular social network site Twitter. Nathaniel Jones, Chris Rhodes and Kent West will be spreading the Word, bits at a time, for a total of 1,189 days.

“We found one other time where someone had started a similar project but had only made it a couple of months,” says Jones. “We looked up the number of chapters in the Bible and realized it would take us more than 3 years to complete the project. Chris and I decided we had better get help and so invited Kent to join us.”

With their 140-character limit and tech-savvy medium, Jones, Rhodes and West hope to spark a renewed interest in the text of the Bible.

“I didn't want to create another ‘translation’ of the Bible where people could replace daily Bible study with a short Tweet,” says Rhodes. “What I wanted was something that would give our readers a short chapter overview that would strike their interest in such a way as to make them want to read the actual chapter. I don't expect that to happen with every chapter, but if 140 characters can inspire our readers to open a real Bible, then I think our effort is worthwhile.”

It’s a task that is not only beneficial to the more than a hundred fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook, but to the Tweeters themselves.

“For many years I’ve had the habit of reading at least one chapter of the Bible a day, but often it’s been a mechanical exercise without comprehension. With the 140Bible Project, we’re forced to comprehend what each chapter says,” says West. “I try to challenge traditions I’ve grown up with to see if they match what is actually in the text, and using this approach as we work on the project has led to more than a few surprises as God has allowed us to see new nuggets we had never noticed before.”

The ACU team was among the first to take on this massive social networking feat, but the initiative is catching on. Chris Juby, a 30-year-old church worship director in the UK, began doing the same thing in early August.

“We are excited to see others take-up the 140Bible challenge for themselves,” says Jones. “We wish the others well and hope they can keep it going.”

The team is also on Facebook, where they post the chapters and allow fans to comment and discuss the words of the day. The group has fans in the United States, South Africa, Kuwait, Swaziland and Australia.

Follow them on Twitter at to read along with the daily posts, or find them on Facebook at