Faculty release several new books

Posted October 21, 2010

To see evidence that Abilene Christian University faculty members are hard at work, you need look no further than the list of books recently released by ACU authors. Among them are titles by Dr. Jerry Taylor, assistant professor of Bible, Missions and Ministry; Dr. Jeanene Reese, associate professor of Bible, Missions and Ministry; Dr. Paul Varner, scholar in residence; and Dr. James Thompson, professor of New Testament as well as the Robert and Kay Onstead Chair for Biblical Studies.

Courageous Compassion-- Taylor's book, Courageous Compassion, provides examples of his best-crafted sermons and pays tribute to the traditional African American form of preaching. Set for publication in November, the book includes responses to each sermon from respected theorists, biblical scholars and denominational leaders. For more information about Courageous Compassion, visit the ACU Press website.

Bound and Determined-- Bound & Determined: Christian Men and Women in Partnership, Reese's new book, describes a more satisfying approach to Christian partnerships. She draws on years of personal research and addresses the relationship between men and women in all areas of life. Available online and in the ACU Campus Store, the book explores what it means that God designed men and women to work together, how each can support and honor each other more effectively, and the role of forgiveness in authentic relationships. For more information about Reese’s book, visit the Leafwood Publishers website.

Westerns-- Varner's latest book, Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Literature, was released on Oct. 1. Since coming to ACU in 2007, Varner has written three books on the literature of the American West. The books provide the latest information on scholarship, scholarly approaches, critical terminology, and essential information for scholars pursuing serious literary and cultural study of Western literature and critical analysis for the essential authors and novels of the West. 

"I have always wanted to work with the literature of the American West because of its impact on who we are in Texas and Abilene," says Varner. "Western literature has both shaped our culture and reflected what our immediate culture has been." For more information on Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Literature, visit the Scarecrow Press website.

Church in Exile-- Following its special pre-release in September during ACU's annual Summit, Thompson's book The Church in Exile will be available in stores January 2011. The book takes on 1 Peter, a passage of scripture written to the exiles of the early Christian church, and shines a light on how Christians can live faithfully when those surrounding them do not share the same values. For more information about The Church in Exile, visit the Leafwod Publishers website.