Department of English presents at regional conference

Posted October 14, 2010

ACU's English faculty recently presented some its best work at the Southwest Conference for Christianity and Literature, Sept. 30-Oct. 2. The conference, whose theme was "Christian Literary Values and the Changing Print Culture," brought together Church of Christ scholars from across the region.

Dr. Cole Bennett, associate professor and interim chair of the department, says this 40-year tradition helps shape the English department.

"ACU enjoys a strong national reputation in many ways, but there are important academic conversations to be had at regional conferences," Bennett says.

Research papers were presented by Dr. David Merrill, English professor and director of curriculum, and ACU alumna Huaju Gao. Al Haley, associate professor and writer-in-residence, recited poetry and gave a presentation titled "Odd Jesus: An Apocryphal Poetic Gospel." Dr. Chris Willerton, professor of English and honors studies, gave a presentation titled "Metaphysical Mystery in the Detective Novels of Terence Faherty."

"It is important to the ethos of our department that we participate in conferences like SWCCL," says Bennett.

Dana Gioia, internationally renowned poet and writer, presented the conference highlight, with music and poetry from his "Nosferatu," a vampire-inspired opera which he co-wrote.

For more information about SWCCL, visit the website.