CBER given Service to Business award

Posted October 14, 2010

The ACU Center for Business and Economic Research provides critical business and economic development information vital to the growth of the region. This public service from the university is why the Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board is honoring the CBER with its Service to Business Award.

"The CBER was born out of a desire to connect higher education with community organizations doing business and promoting business and community development," says Dr. Monty Lynn, associate dean of College of Business Administration and professor of management sciences. "We chose to emphasize all of West Central Texas because of the need for development resources in many of the rural counties."

According to Workforce Solutions, the Service to Business Award recognizes an organization that uses an innovative approach to meet local business needs for recruiting, hiring and retaining skilled workers through collaboration with local workforce board, business and community partners.

The award will be given to the CBER at Workforce Solution's regular board meeting, Oct. 20.

After a 2003 study displayed a missing link between Abilene's institutions and local development, ACU began work on the CBER, and the website is getting noticed with its new data portal and wealth of information. Since its launch in November  2005, the website has received more than 360,000 views, which is a page view for more than every resident in the region.

The aim of the website is to provide centrally located economic, demographic and labor force information for the West Central Texas region.

"The CBER is a great tool for economic development professionals, site selection consultants or grant writers who want to obtain information about a specific county or the region," says Mary Ross, executive director of the Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board. "What makes it especially unique and valuable is the regional aspect. The CBER provides information for our workforce region, whereas most similar tools focus only on larger metropolitan areas, the entire state or individual counties."

Workforce Solutions' honoring of the CBER makes it a nominee for the statewide Service to Business Award as well. That award will be announced at the Texas Workforce Commission’s annual workforce conference in November.

For more information about the CBER here, or learn about the Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas at their website.