Students pledge to live sustainably

Posted September 30, 2010

Biking to school instead of jumping in the car. Recycling instead of chucking trash in the waste bin. For ACU students, living in a more environmentally-friendly way is becoming second nature. It's all part of the university's Sustainability Pledge that many students have adopted. It's also one of the reasons that Renewal, a student-led creation care movement based in Minneapolis, Minn., has recognized ACU in its recent Green Awakenings publication.

Green Awakenings"The main focus of the publication was to show how different universities all over the U.S. are being good stewards of the Earth and sustaining God's creation," says Gretchen Peck, national coordinator of Renewal.

Green Awakenings shares stories from different universities that are taking steps toward stewardship and sustainability on their campuses.

"We wanted to be sure ACU was featured in our Green Awakenings report because it is a leading CCCU school in the Southwest and has a growing reputation for taking creation care seriously, as evidenced by the many student-led initiatives taking place on campus," says Ben Lowe, Renewal's Co-coordinator.

The Sustainability Pledge was established in 2008 through the joint efforts of the Students' Association, Residence Life and the department of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences.

One of the university's green initiatives involved the student-led project "ACU Unplugged," a residence hall competition that encouraged students to reduce personal energy use.

ACU also uses environmentally-friendly asphalt in its parking lots, sells food waste to local farmers and designs new buildings on campus in accordance with current energy standards. According to ACU's Environmental Resource Center, eight tons of paper, nearly one ton of plastic and more than eight tons of cardboard are recycled each year through the university's recycling program.

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