University announces 2010-11 Mobile Learning Fellows

Posted September 24, 2010

ACU's 2010-11 Mobile Learning Fellows are researching ways in which mobile technology can be used to enhance education not only on campus, but also for students around the world.

"The university's commitment to empirical evaluation of how mobile technologies are being used in the learning process continues to garner international interest," says Dr. Scott Perkins, director of Mobile Learning Research. "The work of our Mobile Learning Fellows is a key component of this research. Our faculty are doing work that is literally shaping the future of education."

The 2010-11 Fellows are:

  • Dr. Brian Burton, assistant professor of information technology; Dr. Susan Lewis, assistant professor of journalism and mass communication; Kenneth Pybus, J.D., assistant professor of journalism and mass communication; and Mike Wiggins, chair of the department of art and design, researching "How Do Designing, Programming and Content Influence the Use of Media by Students in Mobile Computing?"
  • Dr. Brad Crisp, assistant professor of information systems and management sciences, researching "Longitudinal Evaluation of a University-Wide Mobile-Learning Initiative: (How) Does Ubiquity Matter?"
  • Dr. John Ehrke, assistant professor of mathematics, researching "A Case Study on the Efficacy of Mobile Computing Platforms,"
  • Dr. Jason Holland, associate professor of mathematics, researching "Mobile Jumpstarts in a Calculus Course,"
  • Kenny Jones, associate professor of art, researching "Use of Augmented Reality Interfaces to Enhance Art Student Learning: An Experimental Comparison of Learning Platforms,"
  • Dr. Mark Phillips, assistant professor of management sciences, researching "Student Creation of An Electronic Text: Is Learning Enhanced?"
  • Dr. Cynthia Powell, assistant professor of chemistry, and Dr. Autumn Sutherlin, associate professor of biochemistry, researching "Using iPhones/iPod Touches in Biochemistry and General Science Laboratories to Support Student Learning."

To read about the findings of previous Mobile-Learning Fellows and other mobile learning research, view the 2009-10 Mobile-Learning Report.