Dr. Brady Bryce invites readers to live the art of listening

Posted September 17, 2010

Dr. Brady Bryce has spent his entire life in ministry and has heard certain questions of Christian life repeated "hundreds upon hundreds of time."

Echoing the Story: Living the Art of Listening“First, people do not feel comfortable with knowing the story of God," says Bryce, director of Ministry Events for Abilene Christian University.  "Second, we’re lost when it comes to sharing our faith.  Third, we do not act as if God is at work in our life today.”

With this in mind, Bryce wrote Echoing the Story: Living the Art of Listening, a guidebook that takes readers from Genesis to Revelation in 12 weeks and addresses those basics of spiritual formation.

According to Bryce, the intent of the book is to provide an orientation to how all the individual stories of Scripture fit together in the larger story of God, and it also is arranged as a spiritual formation practice for individuals or groups. 

“The simple weekly group practices of this book train people to listen rather than talk,” says Bryce. “Christians typically say too much too quickly anyway. We need practice in learning the art of listening – exploring story with others, teaching people the art of listening to one another for the story of God.  Learning how to ‘echo’ the story of God invites people to see God still at work today in their life.”

Born a preacher’s kid, Bryce completed a degree in preaching, a master’s in divinity and doctorate in ministry and spiritual formation. He regularly preaches and speaks to groups on Christian Spirituality and Mission, and he teaches ministry and evangelism at ACU.

“Bryce's book will invite you to see God's story as your story and how that changes everything,” says Randy Harris, instructor of Bible, missions and ministry. “Very practical, and doable - the prayer pattern itself is worth the price of the book. Don't just read this book – do it."

Echoing the Story: Living the Art of Listening will be available in the ACU Bookstore during ACU’s annual Summit, Sept. 19-22. To purchase the book online, visit the Wipf and Stock Publishers’ website here.