COBA professor shares Summit's success with educators

Posted July 27, 2010

At ACU's annual Leadership Summit, students gather in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to learn how they can make a difference in the world. This year's Summit had the additional benefit of allowing participants from ACU and Lubbock Christian University to gather findings for a presentation on Generation Y's perspectives on leadership.

Heading up the project were Michael Winegeart, assistant professor of marketing at ACU and director of the College of Business Administration's global initiatives; Dr. Kathryn Crockett, program coordinator for the Master of Science in Leadership at LCU; and Karen Smith-Will, a graduate student pursuing the M.S. in Leadership degree from LCU.

Winegeart, who has business experience throughout the U.S. and Europe, is one of the professors in charge of the Leadership Summit program. He says many students view Summit as the best investment of their college career.

"When you push students out of their comfort zone, limit distractions and focus on vital issues, something magical happens," says Winegeart. "They learn about themselves while bringing to light new knowledge and ideas. They're inspired by the stories of the speakers to be courageous, imaginative and innovative."

Winegeart, Crockett and Smith-Will surveyed the students who attended the 2010 Leadership Summit, to determine what they had learned from the program. From these surveys they developed a presentation titled, "Generational Leadership Perspectives in a Higher Education Retreat Environment." The presentation detailed the differences in generational perspectives on leadership, the ways students learned in the retreat versus the way they would in a typical classroom, and how the retreat setting allowed for focused introspective learning.

Crockett and Smith-Will presented the group's findings at the national 2010 Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference at the University of New Mexico. A summary can be found here.

Winegeart believes sharing the successes of ACU's program will help other education professionals to better inspire their students to change their world.

"The complexity of the world's problems can be overwhelming. Answers often lie at the intersection of disciplines and can be facilitated through collaboration with allied organizations," says Winegeart.

Learn more about ACU's Leadership Summit here.


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