Mobile Learning takes initiative at annual technology forum on ACU campus

Posted July 02, 2010

Leaders in higher education from across the nation will learn about ACU's mobile-learning initiative at this year's Help Desk Institute Higher Education Forum this month, set to take place in ACU's Hunter Welcome Center, July 7-9.

The forum will include administrators from schools such as Brigham Young University and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Participants will share best practices for handling technology support information and discuss topics like change management.

Joshua Tooley, manager of ACU Technology Support Services, is a member of HDI. He says he looks forward to networking with other professionals in his field.

"It really gives the groups the opportunity to visit with leaders from other universities in a university setting, rather than a hotel," Tooley says. "You get the full experience."

The ACU Tech Support group will give a presentation about creating ACU Blogs, a system using Wordpress' MU (multi-user) software that encourages students and teachers to discuss classroom-related topics. The group will share how they created the program and what conflicts they experienced while processing it.

ACU is lending the HDI members iPod touches at the event for polling, filling out speaker surveys and using the mobile blog. Leslie Cook, HDI program manager, says learning about the mobile-learning initiative is one of the many reasons why she looks forward to the event.

"It's a really neat thing because we get to experience the university as a whole," Cook says.

The forum is open only to members of HDI, a technology support group that meets annually. According to the HDI website, its purpose is to provide an opportunity for IT support managers, directors, and executives from higher education to engage in a strategic level of communication about similar support center issues, discuss benchmark ideas, and develop support center best practices specifically for higher education. Learn more here. 


Did you know? We're thankful for the support of ACU faculty and staff in exploring new ways of teaching and learning. Enjoy these videos to hear some faculty reflections on year two of the ACU Mobile Learning initiative.