ACU Grad Tony Roach: The Next Dr. Phil?

Posted June 20, 2010

Tony RoachAt the tender age of 15, he dropped out of school. By 21, his life a shambles, he went back to high school and earned his diploma. That led to college, on to a master's degree and finally to a doctorate. He became the first African-American awarded a doctoral degree by ACU. Today that man is, as his friends like to say, a difference maker.

Might he soon add "TV star" to his long list of accomplishments?

Dr. Tony Roach ('79) turned his life around. Through his work as a minister, he helps others tap into the heavenly power he embraced as a youth. Now he's hoping Oprah Winfrey will help him take his message – that we all have the power to change – to a worldwide audience.

Roach, minister at Abilene's Minda Street Church of Christ, has submitted an audition video to Oprah's "Your Own Show" contest. As Oprah says on her website, "If you are a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, spiritual guru, lifestyle expert or life coach, then this might be your newest mission. If you find that your gift is helping your friends, family and patients... then perhaps you should aim for a bigger audience -- and help more people!"

Tony and his friends think he's come up with the perfect idea for a show, summed up in his video's title: "A New Approach with Dr. Roach."

"Tony is sincere and honest in the way he helps people find their purpose," says ACU's Anthony Williams. “For some, his influence, mentoring and personal discipleship is making the difference not just when it comes to being successful, but also in matters of life and death."

Spreading his message beyond the confines of west Texas has long been a passion for Roach. His curriculum, "God's Love Bank," is used by churches from Bermuda to Harlem.

"Tony is a great example and mentor to so many people, young and old," says ACU President Phil Schubert. "Beyond being an inspiring speaker, it's also clear that he lives his life to glorify God. I love his approach to learning and helping people become what God has called them to be."

Visitors to Oprah's contest site are invited to vote for their favorite video. They have until July 3 to do so. You can see Dr. Roach's audition here.

Read more in the Abilene Reporter-News article.

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