Study Abroad experience extolled in Transformations

Posted June 09, 2010

For some, the best way to develop their faith is to put it to the test far from home.

ACU has always recognized the importance of the spiritual development students experience when studying abroad. Now educators and administrators across the nation are acknowledging the spiritual aspect of international education. The topic is explored in a recent release from ACU Press, Transformations at the Edge of the World.

The book is a collection of essays co-edited by Dr. Ron Morgan, resident director of ACU's Study Abroad program in Oxford.

"It's my belief that Transformations will become an important work in the field of international education," says Kevin Kehl, executive director of ACU's Center for International Education. "It is encouraging to have colleagues from outside our faith heritage recognize what we know to be the exceptional, innovative and real nature of educational experiences we give our students through ACU's study abroad programs."

"It's a book primarily aimed at those who develop or lead faith-based study abroad programs, but it raises urgent questions for all of us who wonder how travel, global awareness and faith support one another," says Heidi Nobles, managing editor for ACU Press.

One piece from the collection, by Dr. Janine Morgan, chaplain and instructor in Bible, Missions and Ministry for ACU in Oxford, is drawing particular attention. Dr. Morgan leads discussions with students who are trying to reconcile their American and foreign identities.

Her concepts appear in a chapter titled "Doors to Transformation," as well as in her article "Sacred Traveling: How Study Abroad Can Enhance the Interior Life" on the website

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