Best friends engage in ministry through business-building

Posted May 28, 2010

Stephen Powell and Jason Boone are embarking on an excellent adventure.

The pair of 2010 ACU graduates will spend their summer teaching soccer and, more importantly, building relationships with impoverished young people in South Africa.

Both see this as a tremendous opportunity to lay the building blocks for a rather unique commercial venture.

"Since I've been at ACU, I've always thought of myself as a disturbed business student," says Powell, senior finance major from Abilene. "I've never been the kind of guy who wants to have a desk job wearing a tie for a big company."

Ditto for best friend Jason.

"Stephen and I want to take our experiences this summer and develop our dream of building an adventure expedition business that has a ministry focus," says Boone, senior missions major, also from Abilene. "We want to wrap core sports, adventure sports, and wilderness expeditions into a model that will teach young people in various locations around the world how to build and lead businesses and ministries they can eventually run on their own. By doing that, we want to help them find their way out of a life of physical and spiritual poverty."

Travelling the world is nothing new for either student. Between the two of them, they've made education or mission work-related visits to more than a dozen countries. Their work this summer will take them not only to South Africa, but also to Egypt. It builds on experiences both students have by way of their volunteer efforts in Abilene with refugees from foreign countries.

Eventually Powell and Boone would like to set up their first business – their adventure venture, you might say – in a country like Costa Rica.

Powell says, "This is about having the heart to try different ideas that will teach young adults to be leaders, empower women, provide jobs, and not just put a band-aid on the problems we've seen.  We really want to do something, and do it in a new way.

"We keep asking ourselves: How can we approach this in a way no one ever has before?"


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