ACU professor elected VP of honor society, selected as Lilly Fellow

Posted April 29, 2010

Mikee DelonyAlpha Chi National College Honor Society, a national scholarship society made up of the top students at colleges and universities, has elected Dr. Mikee Delony to the executive council as regional vice president. Delony is an assistant professor of English at ACU and recently took over sponsorship of ACU's Alpha Chi chapter.

Delony was elected at the Alpha Chi convention earlier this month to serve as vice president of Region 1, which includes higher education institutions in West Texas, the Oklahoma panhandle, and New Mexico. Each of the organization's seven regions has three faculty officers. After two years of service as vice president, Delony will assume the role of president of Region 1.

"I will be learning about both the local chapter and our sister university chapters over the next two years, particularly learning about what opportunities and scholarships are available to ACU students," says Delony. "I plan to increase the number of opportunities for student interaction, learning and research next year."

Membership in Alpha Chi is limited to the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors and graduate students at colleges and universities across the nation. To be elected to the executive committee of such an elite organization is a significant accomplishment.

"I am excited to be working with some of our university's best and brightest students, and more excited because of how much Alpha Chi has to offer them. As a professor sponsor, I am honored to be associated with such a prestigious organization that provides scholarships and opportunities to work with students from other schools," says Delony.

Her election is not the only honor Delony has received this year. She is also one of 12 Christian faculty members selected to participate in the exclusive Lilly Fellows Program Summer Seminar in June. The seminar, held at Seattle Pacific University, invites faculty members selected from higher education institutions all over the nation to explore and discuss this year's topic, Gender and Christianity.

"I'm interested in reading more widely in Christian writings on gender and learning how our Christian faith and God's pronouncement that he created man and woman co-exist with postmodern understandings of gender as fluid and socially or culturally constructed," says Delony. "I want to be able to bring some of this understanding to my classes, particularly my classes in Literary Theory and Criticism. I am blessed to teach at a university that encourages class discussion of thorny and uncomfortable topics that lack clearly articulated answers, and I believe this seminar and my research among peers will greatly increase my ability to teach my students."

Learn more about ACU's membership in Alpha Chi and other honor societies here. Find more information about the Lilly Fellows program on their website.


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