Business students getting ready to tackle market research in China

Posted April 26, 2010 COBAStudents in ACU's College of Business Administration are getting ready for a trip to China this summer where they will analyze how Chinese students learn English as a second language.
The students will work with Naihaoareyou, an organization located in Hangzhou that provides training for English as a second language for Chinese students through a program taught by American students online and in real-time. The organization has built a new social media website to better facilitate learning English, and ACU students will perform market research to look to improve the website’s effectiveness, as well as develop a marketing campaign for the site.
The questions students will answer in their research include:
  • Why and how do Chinese students learn English?
  • How do Chinese students use the Internet as it pertains to games and social media?
  • How does Naihaoareyou's website facilitate the learning of English?
Research will be conducted in the cities of Hangzhou, along the Southeast coast of China, and Guangzhou, a city south of Shanghai, with a formal presentation of their research, findings and conclusions given to Naihaoareyou at the end of the trip.
Dr. Darryl Jinkerson, associate professor of management sciences, and Dr. Phil Vardiman, associate professor or management sciences, will lead the trip and guide students during the project.
While in China, students will read the book Doing Business in China by Tim Ambler and Morgan Witzel, write a report on it and keep a daily journal about their experiences.
"They're going to have culture shock," says Jinkerson. "We want the student to reflect on the culture that is happening around them and experience it."
The trip, May 11-27, will allow students to visit a new country while getting real world experience with a company's actual product, along with earning three hours of college credit. 
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