Association for Information Systems chapter offers new opportunities for ACU students

Posted April 22, 2010

BusinessWith the launch of an Association for Information Systems chapter on the ACU campus next semester,students majoring in information systems will have the chance to be a member of an internationally recognized and respected organization, says Dr. Orneita Burton, assistant professor of information systems and management science.

"The purpose of AIS is to educate students concerning information systems and prepare them for careers and graduate programs in their field," says Burton. "Being a part of AIS can help students identify with their program."

Information systems is a collaborative major between the College of Business Administration and the School of Information Technology and Computing, which means these students are involved in both business and technology classes.

"Information systems students need to be comfortable in the business and technical world, and there are a number of clubs and activities specializing in one or the other," says Dr. Brad Crisp, assistant professor of information systems. "The AIS chapter will be a place where these students can get to know each other and work together on projects combining their interests in both business and technology."

As a part of AIS, students will contribute to the information systems discipline through service and research. They will help establish an undergraduate research component at ACU, raising the standards for students who choose the major, says Burton.

Burton and Crisp will serve as faculty advisers with activities to begin during the fall 2010 semester.

For more information about the Association for Information Systems, visit the organization's website here.


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