A complimentary 'Encore' presentation of ACU's cream of the crop

Posted April 22, 2010

EncoreWhat better way to close out the spring semester than with a recap of ACU's finest student productions of the year? This Sunday, ENCORE will provide a showcase you won't want to miss.

"Throughout the year, we've had several guests who attended different student productions come to me and ask: Will we ever get to see and hear some of the students' best performances a second time? With those questions in mind, the concept of ENCORE was born," says Tom Craig, the director of student productions. "This is a show where we pull together some of the most popular acts from all of our student productions and we let you experience them all over again."

Some of the best acts from Freshman Follies, Ethnos, Sing Song, FilmFest and the SHADES Show will be featured, including:

  • Anna Peters as your hostess for the afternoon
  • Edwards Hall "Tribute to Michael Jackson" from Freshman Follies
  • Mabee 2 North's "Step Up 2 Northside" from Freshman Follies
  • "I Like Snowcones" by Austin Anderson, Andrew Morrison and Roy Cervantes from Freshman Follies
  • "Kindly Unspoken" by Megan Goldman from Freshman Follies
  • Shota's Mime Act from Ethnos
  • The Gamma Sigma Phi, Sigma Theta Chi and Freshman Class winning acts from Sing Song
  • Sing Song hosts and hostesses performing Rockin' Robin with SHADES, Blessed Be Your Name, and Sweet Caroline/Barbara Ann mash-up
  • Three films from FilmFest including Roulette Italiana, Kids from the Underground and HoboCop
  • Alex Howard's original music from FilmFest
  • And special acts from this past week's SHADES show!

"It's at the end of the semester, so it's a great time to take a break from whatever you're doing, enjoy some great entertainment and energize your spirits," says Craig.

The free event starts at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon at ACU's Cullen Auditorium; doors will open at 1 p.m. For more information, contact Tom Craig at craigt@acu.edu.


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