ACU's Center for Business and Economic Research provides data portal for West Texas

Posted April 19, 2010 COBARegional economic information is not always easy to understand or to find, but the ACU Center for Business and Economic Research is on the forefront of bringing the Abilene regional area the most up-to-date information available.

After a study of Abilene by Wadley-Donovan found that local universities were underutilized as a source of economic development, ACU's College of Business Administration wanted to see how it could make a difference.

COBA discovered that regional economic and demographic data were inaccessible for many local residents.  The Center for Business and Economic Research website was created to solve this problem, by providing centrally located economic, demographic and labor force information for West Central Texas.

The original means of providing this information was through online spreadsheets, but, in the last months, a new data portal on the site now allows for a new dynamic way to view this information, updated on a quarterly basis.

"This is COBA's contribution to the economic development of Abilene," says Dr. Monty Lynn, associate dean of CCOBA and professor of management sciences. "Anyone can find any economic or demographic information for Abilene and the region in one, simple, easy to use website."

Users are able to select the data they would like to see for the region, economically and demographically, and create a graph of that information.

The portal was created by recent ACU business alumnus, Garrett Hamby, and current COBA students are involved in updating the information.

The Development Corporation of Abilene and the Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas support the CBER through grants.

For more information, contact Dr. Monty Lynn at 325-674-2593 or visit

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