President of Global Health Innovations encourages work in Haiti to continue

Posted April 16, 2010

Brad GautneyIt isn't over. Not by a long shot.

Relief work in Haiti goes on, led by committed humanitarians like Brad Gautney. Brad is the president and medical director of Global Health Innovations, the medical arm of Manna Global Ministries. Brad just wrapped up a visit to campus, where he spoke to the ACU community about Haiti's on-going need for assistance.

"We really need to continue to raise awareness that there is still so much to do," says Gautney. "This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the more aid we can get to the people of Haiti, the better."

Brad is encouraging students to serve throughout the world even if they don't fully believe they have what it takes to make a difference. During his chapel talk on Monday, Brad recounted his experience as an ACU student, before his first mission trip.

"My walk with God at that time wasn't what it needed to be. I didn't know how or why God would even use someone like me," recalls Gautney. "But no matter where you are in your walk, God wants your heart - and he will use you."

"Brad has made helping the people of Haiti part of his life and his heart," says Ed Enzor, CEO of Global Samaritan Resources in Abilene. "He is a prime example of someone who is taking the blessings of our great country and using them to help people from a country that faces so many challenges."

Global Samaritan Resources partners with Gautney and Manna Global Ministries to deliver supplies and medical care to Haiti. This mission work is one of the things Brad discussed while on campus.

"We are hearing reports that the food given at the height of the disaster response has been used up and the troops have gone home," says Enzor. "The danger is that humanitarian aid groups and the countries who extended so much assistance will forget Haiti. The needs, though, are desperate - right now."

Brad and his wife, Monica, spent four years living and working in Haiti where they oversaw a school nutrition program and initiated several community development projects, including a community health clinic. Within 36 hours of the January 2010 earthquake, Brad arrived in Port-au-Prince with a medical team from Manna Global Ministries to offer medical assistance. Brad shared with the ACU community how his time at the university transformed and prepared him for a life of service.

Brad graduated from ACU in 1991 with a B.S. in biology and returned to earn a B.S. in nursing in 1999. In 2008, he earned his master's in public health, as well as a master's in nursing (pediatric nurse practitioner) from Johns Hopkins' Bloomberg School of Public Health. He specialized in international health.

In 2008, Brad was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Citation from ACU for his work in Haiti. He currently lives in Kansas City, Mo., with his wife, his daughters Hope and Emma, and son Kado James.

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