People magazine highlights relief efforts by ACU student's family

Posted April 12, 2010 This week's People magazine highlights the efforts of a family with strong ACU roots who have been active in the effort to bring medical and humanitarian aid to the victims of devastating earthquakes in Haiti.
Brentwood, Tenn., physician David M. Vanderpool M.D. ('81) along with his sons, ACU senior David Vanderpool and high school junior John Mark, made their first trip to Haiti two days after the initial earthquake struck on Jan 12.

The family's Mobile Medical Disaster Relief (MMDR) team is featured in People’s April 12 issue on pages 68-69. The article tells the story of the family's second trip to Haiti, which focused on preventative care and saw Vanderpool's two sons administering vaccines under their father’s supervision. 

This trip also included Vanderpool's wife, Laurie, and 16-year-old daughter Jacklyn.
"I love doing this," David Jr. is quoted as saying.  "You help someone – the results are immediate."

The Vanderpools' first trip was consumed with emergency surgeries, including amputations without anesthesia in the immediate earthquake aftermath. The second trip involved some surgeries but also saw the Vanderpools checking wounds, treating infections and administering vaccines.

MMDR is the non-profit organization David M. Vanderpool runs with his father, B. David Vanderpool M.D. (’52), a Dallas surgeon and one of the nation's most respected physicians, who also is a longtime leader in the Texas Medical Association and Texas Surgical Society. 

The organization has provided care for more than 50,000 people worldwide through temporary medical clinics in such war-torn and impoverished countries as Iraq, Honduras and South Africa – and now Haiti.

"We go to places that need our help," Dr. Vanderpool told People magazine. "This is just what our family does"