Professor returns from launching groundbreaking software in Nairobi, Kenya

Posted April 08, 2010

Fortune MhlangaDoctor Fortune Mhlanga is no rookie when it comes to creating innovative computer software tailor-made for global applications. The professor of Computer Science has been involved in international endeavors for quite some time. He recently returned from attending the Pan Africa Media Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

At the conference, Mhlanga, along with one of his former students from Faulkner University, launched their Digital Newsroom Africa software. The rDNA as it's called (reporting Development Network Africa) serves as Africa's leading virtual news platform. It showcases news reporting using existing networks of journalists and the best practices in the use of digital media.

"Africa faces many challenges. One is that the country has not found an efficient medium to articulate the role of Africa's precarious democracy," says Mhlanga. "The rDNA newsroom does exactly that and helps alleviates the problem."

The project and trip was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

"The overall goal is for the rDNA platform to influence the news agenda of  Africa's leading media. In doing so, it will ensure that African development is mainstreamed and political matters will be communicated more systematically," Mhlanga adds.

Mhlanga departed to Nairobi, Kenya on March 15, and returned Sunday, March 21 to teach class Monday morning.


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