ACU Bible professor challenges, affirms Christians in library series

Posted March 12, 2010

Randy Harris book On April 26, Dr. Randy Harris will be treating Abilene book lovers to a discussion of his book, "God Work: Confessions of a Stand-up Theologian." The event is part of the Texas Author Series at the Abilene Public Library.

"My book is about making doctrines and beliefs accessible to the people in the pews, not just the experts," says Harris. "What we believe must be practiced, not just affirmed."

Harris, an instructor in the Department of Bible, Missions and Ministry at Abilene Christian University, will discuss a chapter in his book entitled, "America or Christianity?" He is one of five local authors that will be highlighted as part of the series.

"The chapter I will discuss is one of the more difficult and controversial. It discusses how much of our Christian faith comes from scripture and how much is just a reflection of 21st century American culture," says Harris.

The presentation is free and will begin at noon at the downtown public library at 202 Cedar St. Attendees can purchase a $4 sandwich or bring their own meal.