ACU Press to release book examining theologian's views of 'radical' unity

Posted February 03, 2010 The ACU Press is set to release Radical Ecumenicity: Unity and Continuity after John Howard Yoder, an examination of the work of one of America’s most influential theologians, on March 1.

John Howard Yoder, who died in 1997, was a celebrated Mennonite theologian who taught at the University of Notre Dame. He is most noted for his pacifist stance as expressed in his work The Politics of Jesus.

 "In the last 20 years, Yoder has emerged as one of the most influential theologians on the American scene," says Dr. Leonard Allen, director of the ACU Press/Leafwood Publishers. "This book explores his ecumenical thought and practice."

Radical Ecumenicity, edited by John Nugent, brings together a collection of essays exploring the work of Yoder calling for unity and continuity in the church today.

"Yoder was 'radical' in at least three senses: He was aligned with those Christian traditions that arose out of the 16-century Radical Reformation; he called for a return to deep Christian roots; and he was extraordinarily committed to dialogue as the necessary path to unity," says Allen. "This book makes a significant contribution both to Yoder studies and to the challenge of Christian unity in the 21st century."

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