ACU hosts annual Merit Badge University for the Boy Scouts of America

Posted January 22, 2010 Boy Scouts of AmericaLast weekend, ACU hosted 350 Boy Scouts and Scout Leaders for the second annual Merit Badge University. It was a unique opportunity for participants to earn up to three merit badges.  They rappelled from atop the Hunter Welcome Center, engaged in a photo scavenger hunt, and played the world's largest game of Capture the Flag.

The ACU Venture Crew and volunteers taught the scouts about emergency preparedness, first aid and plumbing. Scouts visited a temporary museum filled with equipment used by past troop members.  Some of them spent the night in Bennett Gym, others on the intramural field.

 "Overall, it was a great weekend to have to troops visiting the ACU campus.  We got to show them what this university has to offer," says Nathan Williams, the director of venturing and scouting relationships at ACU.

To learn more about ACU's Merit Badge University events, visit their website.